Catering to the Consumer

As I strategize to create copy for your company, I focus on the following points to make sure I develop the right plan for the right audience.

  • Your brand and company atmosphere
  • Why what you offer is unique
  • Profile and motivation of your target audience
  • Why they should trust you?
  • Call to action

I offer a virtually unlimited list of capabilities because of vast marketing, public relations and creative writing abilities.  When it comes to business, customers demand a powerful resource for success.

Listed below is a comprehensive list of services.  Please contact us for more info.


Rates:   Based on hourly rates for content writing.   Contact today to receive a quote!

Marketing Copywriting

Effective copy hones in on benefits and leads to a call to action.
A good copywriter understands that every word must reflect your message clearly and concisely.  Creative Headlines, Slogans and Banners stop traffic as soon as they hit your site.  Direct Marketing copywriting must gain immediate attention from the reader. 

Capture key target demographics with strategic branding that works!


Newsletter & Brochure Writing

Make your newsletter noteworthy!

Image is vital when it comes to writing an effective brochure.  Your brochure or newsletter copy must engage your audience, discuss your product or service, convey your credibility and authority, and compel the reader to act.  The right message must be carefully crafted. 


Website Content Writing

Online Content Development / Creative Strategy

While you’re busy concentrating on your business or creative project, let me focus on getting fresh, innovative content on your website.  Need a makeover?  Looking to launch?  How about fun, efficient articles that share your vision? 

SEO Keywords are vital when it comes to optimizing content.  Engage online audiences and drive action with strategic, creative content.


Article Writing

Articles and blogs are the hottest tools today that direct traffic to your website, leaving visitors wanting more!  Your company’s articles not only inform and entertain; they represent who you are and give details about your specific brand and what you offer.

Turn droll documents into e=ffective writing that makes all the difference and sets you apart from the pack.  You may be an “expert” in your field, but not the best “wordsmith.”  That’s where hiring a writer can make all the difference!


What the blog*?*!

If you start a blog on your site, you must add new content on a regular basis.  Maybe you are too bloggin’ busy?  Have blogger’s block?  Or just don’t understand what the bloggin’ fuss is all about?  Rather than get stuck in another traffic jam, let someone else keep your site humming…


Book Consultation & e-books

To the point writing

If you are in the process of writing or have written that novel, life story, or even the next Vampire trilogy, you may be ready for a second pair of eyes.  Hiring someone to edit content and make sure your book or e-book is dynamic, interesting and something people want to read can set you apart from the pack.


Speech Writing

Whether you’re the CEO, chairman of the board or recipient of an award--if you are going to give a speech, you want it to be engaging, heartfelt and inspiring.  As a speech writer, I gather all the pertinent information about the topic and mix it with components of your personality to make your speech memorable.



Some people are better at math, others are better at writing… 

Maybe it’s time to get a complete proofread, edit, polish or restructuring of the content within your presentation, document, book or other written materials.



Ever wonder how those big companies get manuals, e-books, and brilliant articles that look polished, or how that celebrity wrote a book in six months?  Well, they hire someone else to roll up their sleeves. 

Ghostwriting means, someone else writes it, and you put your John Hancock on it!  Not scary at all, right?


Press Releases & Media Kits

“Who, What, When, Where, Why…?”  Everything from launching a new book, restaurant or business to launching a shipping business requires an effective Press Release.  Alerts and Press Releases are vital to communicate your event to the media, who, in turn, publicize to the public.  




Studios and Producers in the entertainment industry routinely hire what are called “readers” who read and evaluate every script before it even gets in front of producers.  Most are rejected!  So, in order to get your script read, you need to not only have what your mother calls, “a brilliant script by my child who should have been a doctor or a lawyer,” your script must meet professional industry standards.

Features, M.O.W.’s, Teleplays
Service includes:

  • GRADE EVALUATION:  Studio standard “grade” of major story elements including Plot, Characters, Dialogue, etc. into: RECOMMEND, CONSIDER, or PASS.
  • REVIEW:  Includes details as to why a “reader” would recommend or pass on your script.
  • NOTES & SUGGESTIONS:  Provides specifics on Story, Plot, Characters, Dialogue, Action and the all important Reveal in the third act.

$ 220.00


Want your screenplay to go from the all too common “PASS” to CONSIDER or RECOMMEND?  Once you’ve gotten an Evaluation and Review, you may require extensive, detailed notes to implement an effective rewrite that’s submission ready!

$ 275.00


Features, M.O.W.’s, Teleplays
Your screenplay, movie of the week (M.O.W.) or television series must be written in the correct format and be free of typos, absent-minded errors or burning the midnight oil sloppy mistakes to get in the door!  Page notes with grammar corrections and format consistency are provided.

$ 165.00



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